Battery Storage


Re-think battery system engineering

Power BRIC is the world's smartest and most affordable energy storage system

Impact for 2 billion people


Environment friendly


Battery Life

Low-cost and maintenance



From kWh to MWh

Industries and Utilities 

  • Save time and money

  • Get greater control, reliability and security with our M-BRIC system

  • Avoid Peak Demand Charges

  • Generate new revenue streams from grid services and demand response programs

  • Access to our predictive maintenance and easy control

Made for massive renewable integration

From 400 Wh to 50 kWh

Residential, commercial and microgrids 

  • Flexible Plug and Play approach

  • Choose the exact amount of power that suits you best thanks to our modular architecture

  • Power most of your applications (laptops, smartphones, lighting, TVs)

  • Combine up to 32 BRICs for extended capacity

  • Save money.  Store energy from intermittent renewable sources

  • Self active monitoring or live view your system anytime, anywhere


Made for homes, workspaces, whole buildings or microgrids

A true game changer

Electric micro-mobility

  • Prolong battery life and optimize performance 

  • Predictive maintenance and monitoring

  • Fleet management

  • Custom controllable BMS

  • Flexible Plug and Play approach

  • Recharging station from solar energy

Made for micro-mobility solutions such as cargo e-bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters

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Scale-up programs, Conferences, Speakership and other collaborations

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